Oncological Anethesia - International Academic Oncology Meetings 2018

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The main purpose of the program is to give the attendees innovative technics that can be used in their daily working area. Therefore, at the end of each block we are considering a session of that facilitate the interaction between attendees and professors and provide a space for clear doubts. We are also considering a final debate between national and foreign professors, over the appliance and real impact of these new trends in our daily working areas.  

Considering all of the above and the fact that now days the discipline of the onco- anesthesia plays an important role in the diagnosis and last stages of oncological patients, we propose the following program for the 2018 edition of IAOM meeting:  Overcoming obstacles in Oncological Anesthesia, improving strategies in perioperative management for 2018.  

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Audience:  Anesthesiologists, Onco-Anesthesiologist, Pain Medicine, Surgeons, Onco-Surgeons, Medical Doctors and Residents involved in perioperative care of oncological patients.
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