Online record - International Academic Oncology Meetings 2018

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Online record
Information and online registration

To obtain your record
1. Identify the course number and locate it in the list
720: The Best of ASCO
721: The Hemato-Oncology Conference
722: The Best of Society of Surgical Oncology
723: The AMPLATZ Conference. Interventional Radiology
724: Overcoming obstacle in Oncological Anesthesia
725: Cancer Pain
726: Topics in Gynecologic Oncology
727: Cancun Forum of Leaders Against Cancer
728: Seleted Topics in Radiotherapy
2. Click on "Get certicate”
3. Enter your email and key number
4. Click on "Get diploma”
5. Fill out the quality survey and save
6. Return to the previous window
7. Click again on "Get Diploma”
8. Your record will be downloaded as a pdf le
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